Day 1 – Cold feet

The 1st of June is here, and there are no more excuses. But I have to admit that the last few days have given me cold feet. Anyway, let’s recoup what this is all about in the first place.

Starting today, me and Gonçalo have three running challenges:

  1. Learn how to memorize a full deck of cards using the Memory Palace technique (TED talk on memorization).
  2. Learn how to do a handstand (Handstand tutorial)
  3. Be rejected 30 times in 90 days (TED talk on rejection therapy)

I have sort of plan for the first two.

For the memorization challenge, I’ll try to follow Joshua’s “20 minutes per day” approach. Once a week I will then film myself as I’m walking through my Palace, and try to post it here.

For the handstand, I think my biggest problem is my lack of strength (a nicer way of saying “I’m weak”). I’m planning on tackling this by combining this morning workout 5 days per week, with BodyPump®™© and power yoga, each once once per week. I’ll then practice the actual handstand 2-3 times per week to begin with.

And now to my cold feet. I’m really nervous about this rejection therapy. I’m out of creative ideas before even starting, and I keep coming up with these great excuses for why it won’t work. For example: “Basel is so small, so I will soon be known all over town as the weirdo with ridiculous requests”. Basel has 170,000 inhabitants… go figure. But I need to push myself into this. I need some good ideas though…

Anyway, time for my 20 minutes of solitaire. To be continued…

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