Day 2 – Somewhat fully rejected

Attempted my first rejection challenge today. The plan:

Starting with a simple (and pretty low quality) paper clip, my goal was to ask people if they have anything they would like to trade for my paper clip. I would then repeat this procedure with the new object, and see what I would end up with after 10 trades.

Well, decided to attempt this on my way to meet a friend for beer. Passed quite a few people before I finally decided to approach a Japanese-looking (mostly based on the huge camera she was carrying) woman in her 40s. Now, I must have made a really good impression on her, cos as I was explaining my task, I saw the fear growing in the woman’s eyes, before she finally said:

Eeh… I should probably go,

and hurried away, leaving me there feeling like a lunatic who just escaped from a mental institution. The question is: is this a rejection? She never even answered no!

Anyway, despite this discouraging first attempt, I did try it once more with an Arab-looking (mostly based on the huge hookah he was carrying) gentleman, who traded my paper clip with a… paper napkin! Score! Only 9 more trades to go!

To be continued tomorrow…

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