Day 9 – The day of the zeroth challenge

A challenge I haven’t mentioned before, since it doesn’t really belong in this blog, is one that I had with Kristina, a friend of mine here in Switzerland.

Cuorsa dil Rein profileFor her birthday last October, I decided to challenge her to run a half marathon with me this summer (I’m such a nice guy, huh?). Boiling of joy and excitement for this wonderful birthday present, Kristina looked up possible Swiss half marathons, of which “we” chose Cuorsa dil Rein: 21.1 km, starting at 1200 m of elevation, reaching up to 1450 m. We can call it moment of hubris.

After a long spring of focused and hard very limited training, and running over 100 km less than 15 km in the past month, I couldn’t be more less prepared for the big day today!

So, we left Basel yesterday around noon, heading for the beautiful alps of Graubünden in eastern Switzerland – more specifically to the Romansch speaking part. After a hot, sunny day in Disentis, getting ourselves prepared by eating a big plate of pasta very greasy and cheesy Capuns, we woke up this morning to cloudy skies and a slight drizzle. Perfect weather for running!

And the result? I had set up two goals for myself:

  1. do the 21.1 km in less than two hours,
  2. manage the entire circuit without walking or stopping.

And I managed both! 1:55.26, and running the entire 21.1 km! A kilometer time of 5.28 might not be fast, but considering the conditions (high altitude, very hilly, and as far as I remember never having run more than 11 km before) I am incredibly proud.

Now I need to celebrate and restore the order with a glass of Zubrowka!

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