Day 27 – Progress report (part I)

It has been very quiet from my side lately, so it’s time for a progress report. For the next three days I’ll be writing about one of the three challenges. I’ll then try to finish off this month with a plan for July.

Memory challenge – Memorize a full deck of playing cards

Since my first milestone of memorizing a full deck of card was reached ten days ago, I haven’t been working too much on this challenge. I’ve memorized a couple decks more to test whether I can store several stories in my memory palace without confusing them, and it actually seems to work quite fine. Now I just need to practice this to get faster.

But I have to admit that reaching the initial goal so fast took away some of the motivation. Only speeding up the process is not very exciting, so now I need a good idea for how I take this a step further. Therefore, I think my next step will be to translate this technique (or a modified version) into something that I can use a bit more spontaneously, for everyday things. I would also like the memory to be more indexable, so that I won’t have to walk through my entire palace to find out what I stored where.

Intrigued by Gonçalo‘s praise for the book, I decided to order Joshua Foer’s Moonwalking with Einstein, which should be arriving in my mailbox any day now. Hopefully I can get some new inspiration and motivation from there.

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