Day 28 – Progress report (Part II)

Handstand challenge

I realized early that my core musculature and shoulders are just not strong enough to even start attempting the handstand. Therefore, my strategy for the first month has been to focus on exactly this: building up some core strength.

And I must say that I am very happy with my improvements so far. Except for two breaks around running the half marathon and Midsummer’s eve, I’ve been following my morning exercise schedule almost every morning:

  • 3×30 push-ups
  • 3×30 sit-ups
  • 3×30 tent presses (each arm)

(You might be wondering what a tent press is. It is simply a shoulder press with a 4.5 kg tent instead of a dumbbell… simply because that’s the best I have to work with.)

This has turned into a very nice morning routine that both improves my strength, as well as completely kick-starts my day. I still try to find an excuse every morning not to do the workout, but thanks to my strict morning plan, I force myself down on the floor; and once I’m there, I am disciplined enough to finish the whole set.

Obiously, three exercises in the morning is not a complete body workout, so on top of this I’ve also been going somewhat regularly to BodyPump®©™ (All rights reserved), Power Yoga, and Pilates; all three perfect for working towards my handstand.

I now feel that it’s time to start working harder on the balance, so I will now pick up the handstand tutorial again.


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