Day 38 (again) – Monday is memory day

I went downtown to café Fumare/Non fumare this evening to continue reading Joshua Foer’s awesome book Moonwalking with Einstein. I’ve decided to make Mondays and Wednesdays my memory days, and Tuesdays and Thursdays my handstand days.

After finishing the sixth chapter on How to memorize a poem, I decided to lay down the book and do some memory practice. Brought out my deck of cards, only to realize I’d forgotten my list of abbreviations (which I still haven’t learned by heart). A bit disappointed, I started thinking of other things to memorize, and realized that memorizing my book’s blurb (ftr a word I discovered just now) would actually be quite useful, considering how often I tell people about it.

So, while waiting for Gonçalo to give me a different task, I will make this my next memory exercise. Here’s how it starts:

As I close my front door to leave for work, there is a whale in my kitchen, searching with a magnifying glass through a science magazine with a stars-and-stripes patterned brain on the front cover…

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