Day 38 – Motivation from my opponent

Had a good talk with my challenge mate Gonçalo yesterday. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one struggling with motivating myself… especially with the rejection therapy.

Anyway, we decided to try to pressure ourselves with the memory training by giving each other memory tasks. So, Gonçalo (and Tiago, if you also wanna join in on this), you can choose to memorize one of the following (with expected time needed in parenthesis):

  1. All locations and winners of the FIFA world cup since 1930. (1 week)
  2. The complete of the Finnish national anthem (in Finnish). (1 week)
  3. The 10 first (or all 30) articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (1 or 3 weeks)
  4. All territories and regions in Africa, with their respective capitals. (1, 3 or 5 weeks*)

* Time here depends on the type of memorization you want. 1 week is if you only want to be able to point out the countries and capitals when given a map with country borders; 3 weeks is if you are given only the continent, and have to draw all the country borders yourself; 5 weeks if you also have to learn where on a world map the African continent is located ;).

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