First impressions

About one and a half week has passed since my arrival, and it’s time for some brief first impressions. But to be frank, they are almost exclusively positive!

I cannot think of many cities of Lisbon size, which have caught my instant love like Lisbon has. This city has it all: beautiful architecture, incredible atmosphere, open and friendly inhabitants, plenty of natural meeting spots, good weather, nice beaches, and culture in excess.

Add to this the fact that I seem to have ended up in a perfect apartment: central location in the heart of the old town, lovely flatmates, and an amazing view over the river. And for the first time I even have my own balcony!

But, I should also keep in mind that the first week (plus the 10 days I spent here last winter), have been somewhat my honeymoon with Lisbon. Now my classes have started, and routine will soon be part of my Portuguese life, so let’s see if I will keep walking on cloud nine…

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