Sunniest birthday week

My birthday week passed unnoticed by most of my 450+ Facebook friends, but well noticed by some new lovely people.

ImageOn my actual birthday, my two flatmates took me out for dinner at a nice Italian pizza restaurant – and for the first time in my life I could celebrate my dinner outdoors, in the 24°C evening breeze. Ana had also been cleverly observant, and gave me a small, nice painting by a local street artist, whom I had mentioned a couple of weeks earlier. Many thanks!

The rest of the week passed with great, sunny weather, and last night Sia invited some friends over for dinner, including a lovely family I met for the first time a week ago: Simon from England, Kathy from France, and their gorgeous daughter Jasmine. And not only was the dinner a great way of ending the (working) week, but they also brought me a present: a beautiful map of Portugal. Just like Ana did with the painting, they had noticed my love for maps while I visited their house the previous week.

A great and warm birthday week, in every sense! And my walls are now more colorful.


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