Home bar with a view, illegal Chinese, and covered in bees

This week kicked off with a new addition to my handstand program: a home bar in our own, private kitchen. In contrast to the bars in Bairro Alto, though, this bar does not serve any alcohol, but instead offers a great view over the city. Never have pull-ups been as motivating.


My flatmate enjoying the view from our new bar.

Illegal Chinese food

Illegal Chinese food

Considering the social abilities of the Portuguese compared to the Finns, it may be somewhat paradoxical that I (so far) have far fewer friends here in Lisbon than I did in Helsinki. The main reason for this is my decision to choose a more local living, rather than the Erasmus and international housing. But in terms of discovering Lisbon culture and life, this has definitely paid off.

For example, one thing one most likely won’t discover with Erasmus students is illegal Chinese restaurants in Martim Moniz. You enter a random apartment building, walk up a floor or two, knock on some door, and you soon find yourself in an illegal restaurant, eating amazing Chinese food. Price? Two enormous meals and four beers: 16.80€.

Finally, I also have to praise my flatmate for (both intentionally and unintentionally) introducing me to very interesting people. For example, this weekend saw my first meeting with a beekeeper – a job of which I knew absolutely nothing, other than that it is (apparently) all about being covered in bees. Turns out that beekeeping is incredibly interesting, and very much a skill which takes years to learn.

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