Thoughts on my mind

Every day, many thoughts, concerns, and excitements spring to mind, stay for a while, and leave again – sometimes to never again reappear. For example, yesterday Sweden took on (and lost to) Portugal in the FIFA World Cup 2004 playoffs here in Lisbon. The game gave excitement for while, and disappointment for a moment. But in a few days, I will probably never think of the match again – regardless of the result in Tuesday’s rematch in Stockholm.

In the past few months, however, I’ve had some thoughts coming back and bothering me on an almost daily basis. In brief, these thoughts can be summarized with three (highly intertwined) questions:

  1. What happens to our (Western) society past our current era of constant economical growth?
  2. Do I want to pursue a career in research once I finish my master’s degree?
  3. What is the best way for me to do good in this world?

I’ve been intending to write about these topics for a while, just to still my troubled mind, and my goal is to do so in separate blog posts within the next couple of weeks…

… for my broad audience of 0.3 people to read.

One thought on “Thoughts on my mind

  1. So, you’re saying that I don’t worth more that 0.3 of a human ? eheh
    I must say that you’re not the only one with (at least the 1st and 3th) questions to worry about. That’s what make our life interesting anyway. Imagine if we wouldn’t have to bother about it and how boring it would be. Regarding the match against Portugal, well, I’d say that it’s easier to slow down the economical growth in our society than Sweden even win Portugal 😛

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