Buenos Aires!

After a thirty hour transit from Stockholm including three takeoffs (and landings), sleep, reading, a 5 h layover in Istanbul without free airport internet, lots of (pretty decent) airplane food, more sleeping and reading, an in-air roundabout, a thunderstorm, and lying to the immigration officer, I finally arrived at my new home for the next six months – Buenos Aires! And my first 24h have been pretty eventful:


Made my first friend already at the airport (a German girl Franzi who has been studying here for five months), lost my sleeping bag, got a warm welcome at my apartment overlooking the city from the 16th floor, been shown around my neighborhood (Palermo Soho), been introduced to the chaotic money situation*, have met a lot of people through both my flatmate and Franzi, and have of course tried the Argentinian drinking habits – which includes a horrible drink with Fernet and Coke (!). Eventually my lack of sleep and small jet lag caught up with me, so my Saturday night party ended prematurely.

Anyway a great start in this fascinating city!

* Due to government limitations on the exchange to foreign currencies, a huge black market for money exchange has developed. However, due to the extremely high inflation, and the economic instability, the black market closed down on weekends, making it very difficult to exchange money. Luckily, my flatmates came to the rescue!

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