CouchSurfing revisited

I would like to begin this post by apologizing, twice.

My first apology goes to the city of Buenos Aires, for my claim yesterday that the city lacks beaches. Turns out that the city does in fact have two beaches. They are nothing spectacular, but that has a very simple explanation: the water outside Buenos Aires is not the Atlantic ocean. Instead it is muddy water released by the Paraná river, separating Argentina and Uruguay. Indeed, to find salty ocean water one has to travel quite far south along the coast from BsAs.

Secondly, I would like to apologize to CouchSurfing for giving up on this community for so long.

Now, why suddenly so humble? Because today, Paraná and CouchSurfing together offered me one of the best days I’ve had in the past six months – kayaking in the Paraná delta. I cannot think of any community so open to anyone and everyone, just genuinely wanting to share their time and fun with people whom they’ve never even met before.


The day turned out to be perfect. Twelve people in six kayaks paddling out for two hours from the small town Tigre (30 mins north of BsAs) into the beautiful Paraná delta, aiming for a small beach to have our lunch break in the sun. After some chilling, chatting, and ping pong, we then paddled back, and, after returning the kayaks, rounded off the day with some mate together in a nearby park.

Good people, perfect weather, and a great relief for my nature craving heart and soul. Thank you Gustavo for organizing the trip today!


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