A smart world

ImageToday was a big day for me. I bought my first cell phone in over 5 years. My pink, dumb Nokia slide phone era is over – at least temporarily. Instead I welcome my brand new Nokia C2-01! And no, I did not take the step into the smart phone era just yet, although I have to admit I was considering it for some time, since WhatsApp seems very widely used down here. But eventually I decided to stay with my principles.

This brings me to a related topic. During the past four years I have lived in a handful of different countries: Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Portugal, and Argentina. None of these can be considered developing countries, but I would still like to claim that they span a pretty wide range on the wealth scale – especially with Portugal being right in the middle of a crisis, and Argentina just having gone through one.

Still, in all these countries smart phones seem almost equally popular and common. And as I was looking for dumb phones today, I noticed how incredibly expensive the common smart phones are! I felt cheap not wanting to pay 70 EUR for a phone. Couldn’t even imagine what I would feel like paying 700 EUR for one…

I would also like to take this opportunity to kill a myth. Too many times have I heard that the people in the Stockholm subway are quiet, don’t talk, are reserved, are completely devoted to their smart phones, etc. But I have to challenge this: this is not a feature unique to Stockholm, Sweden, Finland, the Nordic, or even northern Europe. This is a worldwide big city phenomenon! I traveled by subway almost every day in Lisbon, and not even once was I approached or addressed by anyone; they were too busy using their phones. And after less than two weeks here, I can conclude that BsAs is no different – people are quiet and focused on their clever devices.

It’s a smart world we’re living in.

6 thoughts on “A smart world

  1. One of my fav posts! It’s sad in what we’re becoming but I believe the tendency is irreversible and it’s not about North or South, outgoing anymore. We’re going towards Huxley’s vision in the magnificent “A Brave New World”, which states that what we enjoy will ruin us. Can’t make my mind around the fact the I’m feeling more and more compelled to buy a smartphone.

  2. Remember the 30 challenge day? What about making a “30 challenge day – Talk to a stranger a day”? Rules are simple, everyday we must talk with a stranger on a public transport or in a public place.

    • Good idea, and I’ve been thinking about it before. One big problem for me is the language barrier šŸ™‚ . unless “hola” followed by three or for sentences would count, i would have a very hard time talking to anyone but internationals.

      • Well, I guess if you start with a “hola”, try your best and then change to English , even if you don’t have a life changing conversation, you’ll still communicate. It’s a great way to practice your Spanish and a reason to learn it.

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