Learning Spanish

I tend to be too late, or altogether fail, learning the local language in the countries I temporarily live: I didn’t learn German until I returned back home from Switzerland; the way Técnico set up the language studies I lost my motivation learning any Portuguese; and I didn’t even make an effort trying to learn Finnish.

However, here in Argentina I really intend to learn some Spanish. Partly because Spanish seems much easier than Portuguese, partly because it is spoken in so many countries, but also because I have relatives in Mexico. Furthermore, although French would be my first choice, I would really like to learn some Latin based language.

So, I’ve found a great basic Spanish course, “Mi vida loca”, offered for free online by the BBC, with a format that suits me perfectly! It is structured like an interactive TV series about a vacation in Madrid that turns out to be much more thrilling and than intended. Along the way one gets to interact with different people, and one’s choices slightly alters the proceedings. Sounds dorky, is dorky – but it serves it’s purpose… and I would admittedly say that I even find the story rather exciting! Or as some other blogger nicely put it: Who knew the BBC made Spanish action films?

Mi vida locaEdit: This was apparently my 50th blog post. I will celebrate this milestone by giving myself a present: un regalo

2 thoughts on “Learning Spanish

  1. You also need ti learn Spanish because you have Latin friends… good luck with this language !! And… Felicitaciones !! Avanzas rapido 🙂

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