A BsAs recap

Time for a small photo session from Buenos Aires. Don’t expect anything artistic – my photography skills don’t even stretch past managing a compact camera. Nevertheless, BsAs is a quite photo friendly city for people who know photography. You can for example check out my former flatmate Camilo’s Flickr page here.

Nature meets city in BsAs.

Nature meets city in BsAs.

One of my first observations after my arrival in BsAs was that traffic and pollution are unescapable parts of life here. Coming from a city that in comparison to BsAs may be considered a village, where nature is never far away, this was indeed something that bugged me. However, I have slowly started to discover oases around the city that have challenged this. Most notably perhaps, is the big urban park called Bosques de Palermo that covers around 400 hectares in the Palermo neighborhood. A beautiful area with lakes, rose gardens, running tracks, and well maintained forests, kept purely for recreation. The only similar park I can think of is Central Park in New York City, or Kings Park in Perth.

Although it may seem so from my blogging, I am not in BsAs only for enjoyment. Or let’s phrase that differently: I am not here solely to discover parks and relax. Because, so far I do in fact enjoy my time in the lab – a lot! The project is interesting, I am allowed to work independently when I want, but people are always there for me if I need help. Those who know about my experience with The Witch at IST, will understand what I mean when I say that the atmosphere in this lab does not for a second compare with that at Técnico.

Whiskey helps improve the atmosphere in the lab.

Whiskey also helps improve the atmosphere in the lab.

Friday afternoon lab bonding: cockroach hunt in the computer mouse.

Friday afternoon lab bonding: hunting for cockroaches in the computer mouse.

But life is of course not only “gold and green forests” (Swedish saying). For example, not speaking (much) Spanish often makes me feel quite left out – during lunch breaks at university, as well as when I hang out with my Colombian friends. On the other hand, this is a choice I have made myself. I could just as well engage in more CouchSurfing events, or join gatherings for international students – or for that matter have stayed in Sweden where I wouldn’t have any language barriers to break. But people who know me, know that this is not the way I roll. And slowly but surely improving my Spanish helps me stay motivated. In fact, I know far more Spanish after one month, than I knew Portuguese after five months.


Is it a coincidence that the colors chosen for this Greek-sounding shop are blue and white? I should add that I didn’t want to find out what goes on in there…


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