Does any one remember the handstand?

The purpose and themes of this blog have drifted a lot since I began writing ten months ago. But two days ago I was violently reminded of the good old handstand challenge, when Gonçalo sent me a video of him performing an almost perfect handstand in the style we challenged each other to learn.

I admit that I haven’t been working much on my handstand since November or so, but with Gonçalo’s sudden punch in my face, I have my motivation back.

To be continued, and followed up!

One thought on “Does any one remember the handstand?

  1. I have passively been training for my handstand. The other day I notice I can already hold the hollow body position for 1 minute, so I will probably start focusing more on the wall exercises. Anyway, I still feel I need to work on my core before I can go full handstand. Could you send me Gonçalo’s video?
    Cheers mate

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