Let’s talk about…

… sex. That’s right. And some of you are hoping/fearing that I will talk about my own sex life in BsAs; but no, that is not the case. But there is so much other sex going on here, so I will have enough to fill a blog post anyway.

I’ve so far had my stereotypes about Latinos both confirmed and disproved here in Buenos Aires. For example, I expected the Latin Americans in general to be very homophobic and macho, constantly making homosexual jokes and afraid getting mistaken for being gay. Turns out that Buenos Aires in particular is somewhat an exception. In fact, the city is very gay friendly, and somewhat the gay capital of Latin America. And the young generation is apparently very liberal and experimental when it comes to sex, exploring all types of spectra. You might wonder how I know that, but I’ll leave that to your imaginations…

Nevertheless, the Latin Americans (think they) are very macho, and my American ex-girlfriend’s favorite quote “he is not gay, he is just European” springs to mind quite often when my Nordic behavior contrasts the Latin American standard too much.

One thing that I find quite disturbing is the generally very questionable morals of people when it comes to sex and relationships. I know that cheating happens everywhere, and Sweden is by no means an exception to this. But speaking to people here, it seems like cheating on one’s partner is commonplace. Since my sample size is not huge, and my population is rather homogeneous, it might not be a statistically significant observation, but it has been enough for me to react. Once again, the Argentinians seem a bit “better” than other Latin Americans. Whereas it elsewhere is widely accepted (and high-fived by their friends) for guys to cheat on their girlfriends, while completely unthinkable (but no less common) the other way around, in Argentina it at least seems to be equally good or bad for both genders. However, if that is one step forward or two steps backwards is less clear…

Writing this post, I noticed that my tablet’s autocorrect function just wouldn’t suggest any words related to sex… such as the word sex itself. Android is clearly not a Latin American product.


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about…

  1. You mention about the latin homophobia, I wonder what was your impression of Lisbon regarding that matter.
    Regarding cheating, you know I believe in a compromise between openness and honesty, so I wonder how I would react to such a society. I suppose when you mean cheating, you talk about an endeavour without your partner’s consent, right? I am against that, but I do believe in sex as a form of social bounding (there’s a TED talk about that, if I found it out latter I’ll send you the link).

    • To be honest I didn’t notice so much homophobia in Lisbon, and in fact there seemed to be quite a big gay community there. At least the rainbow colors were found here and there. But then again, I didn’t have many Portuguese friends in Lisbon, and the ones I had were mostly university students… and educated people tend to be a bit more reasonable and less judging.

      Hehe, sounds like you want a situation like in that book I read recently, “Brave New World”, where inhabitants are conditioned already as children to approach sex as something to share as if it was a coffee. “Everyone belongs to everyone”.
      And yes, I am talking about cheating without the partner’s consent. If people (or Animals) choose to have an open relationship, that’s a different story and isn’t filed under cheating.

      I should add that I have discussed this matter further with other people, both Argentines and Colombians, and luckily it might seem that the situation is a little bit better than I first thought.

      • The TED talk I mentioned earlier. It takes a bit to develop, but he eventually talks about what we are discussing.

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