Blog estivation

I have been very infrequent with my blog posts lately, and I have been looking for a good excuse. Luckily, the Swedish news provides me with everything I need to know about life, the universe, and everything, and today also provided me with a plausible explanation to my infrequent blogging, namely estivation.

Estivation (sommardvala in Swedish) is the exact opposite to hibernation (vinterdvala), which might be somewhat more familiar to people. I.e., to estivate is to enter a dormant or slower state during the hot summer months, whereas to hibernate is to enter a dormant state during the cold winter months.

Now, what the Swedish news taught me was the definition of summer. Apparently, summer is defined as having five consecutive days with a daily average temperature of at least 10°C1. Note that we are talking about the average temperature here, not the minimal temperature.

You might be thinking that this should not affect me, since I’m currently on the southern hemisphere, rapidly approaching winter2. But the fact is that by the Swedish definition of summer, autumn hasn’t even started here yet… and probably won’t until at least a month from now. So don’t expect any more active blogging from my side for a while still.

PS. I will in fact post something more serious very soon, but  for the moment I am busy preparing for some less important stuff, such as presentations, a journal club, and a progress report.

1 This definition presumably only applies in Sweden, although they didn’t explicitly write that.
2 Obviously not winter by Swedish definition.

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