Quick, Spanish baby steps

My Spanish learning is improving very fast, and a week ago I finally finished the BBC course I wrote about some months ago. In fact, the last couple of episodes I realized that my Spanish has improved faster than the pace of the course, and I barely learned anything new towards the end. A good receipt of my fast improvement!

I already have some other online sources for self-studies, but finishing the course also helped me decide it was time for my next challenge. And two days ago, after visiting Feria del libro de Buenos Aires with Lorena and her friend, Lorena gave me my very first book in Spanish – El principito.


By the way, on the 14th of May I’m “celebrating” three months in BsAs. Time goes fast, and this weekend I’m running off on a daytrip to Colonia in Uruguay, with the main purpose of renewing my 3-month tourist visa. But Colonia is also supposed to be very pretty, and is only an hour and a half away from BsAs by boat, so it will be a good combination of necessity and pleasure.

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