One giant leap for my Facebook independence

With regular intervals I have a go on my Facebook usage habits and do my best to minimize it. It tends to work for a while, but sooner or later I fall back into my same old habits. A few days ago an Animal recently wrote a blog post which reminded that it’s time for another attempt.

My problem with Facebook is really the exposure to sources of procrastination. Whereas traditional chat clients like MSN Messenger, ICQ, or Skype are standalone softwares that only provide the essential feature that I am interested in – keeping in touch with my friends – Facebook Chat inevitably comes with a news feed that I honestly don’t want. I have previously tried redirecting myself directly to the Facebook Messages page, but since I switched browser (to Safari, not to Chrome) I haven’t figured out a way to do this.

Today, however, I found the solution that might be what I have been looking for. Or more specifically, I found out that Facebook have finally fixed a feature that they have been offered for a long time, but which previously didn’t work very well – namely connecting Facebook Chat to any standalone chat client which supports Jabber. So now I can chat with my friends without ever entering the Facebook, and thereby not having to be exposed to all the distractions posted by people on the news feed.

The very simple instructions to do this can be found here.

3 thoughts on “One giant leap for my Facebook independence

  1. I hate that newsfeed-procrastication too, and it’s so so embarrassing to open FB at work. Cryptocat is now having and attempt at a FB chat with end-to-end encryption. It sometimes works desirably 🙂 Since I’ve gotten caught in the Microsoft net, then I’ve connected my hotmail account with FB and Skype, resulting in a nice minimalistic web chat + mail at And, irrelevantly to you perhaps, the Windows 8 FB app lets you put just the chat on the side of your screen.

    What I don’t like about your hipster FB-hating ass though is that I get 0 notifications when you make a new blog post. I just discovered that retro Follow button and I won’t be missing any more of them, so maybe we can discuss relaunching the 6-pack photo project, now that I’m a subscriber and all.

    • You should know me better by now than to think that the lack of notifications about me posting on my blog has anything to do with me hating Facebook. in fact, I would even say that you have misunderstood what it is that I don’t like about Facebook.
      Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends, and it does so much more efficiently than MSN messenger ever did. And I use Facebook a lot, and am not intending to stop (until the next chat platform takes over and everyone moves there). I don’t even mind the news feed as a concept – after all it’s no different to my blogging.
      What I don’t like is that Facebook is setup so that you cannot avoid the news feed, unless you actively do so. What I am also not interested in is to show everyone what I am up to. The people who care about what I am doing can and will ask me, and I will be more than happy to tell them… Or direct them to my blog. Just the fact that you took the time to comment about this means a lot more than having 50 random visitors just because I post a link to my blog on my Facebook wall.
      Last but not least, I like keeping my blog rather private, since that allows me to write things without risking offending anyone. The post I wrote today for example (in Spanish) is not a post I would like to advertise to my lab mates…

      Finally, I’ll give the six pack photo project a thought, but I need to get my exercising going again first… 😉

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