Ice-cold evidence

Following my previous two posts, and this blog post by Cornucopia (in Swedish), I feel it is time that global warming also gets some space on my blog. After all, it has been (and still is) one of my biggest concerns for our future1.

Just as in my post about yeast, I think global warming is best explained in pictures. Worldwide melting of glaciers and the ice sheets in Antarctica has been preached before, but a single photo can be more convincing than even the most well-written article. Here follows an entire gallery of such photos. There isn’t really that much to comment, but the photos speak for themselves:

If one still cannot believe that this is reality, that this is happening right now, one can also watch the documentary Chasing Ice from 2012. It doesn’t get much more obvious than this.

Otherwise one can also remain in the denial stage of the Kübler-Ross model2 and blame global warming on natural fluctuations. For my part, I have probably already moved to the acceptance stage, and am convinced that there isn’t anymore anything we can do to reverse this disaster.

1. I say our future, because I don’t think we are in any way threatening life on earth as a whole. To planet earth, whatever we humans do during our time here, and however long we end up “ruling” this planet, our total impact will be a piss in the ocean. We are an insignificant parenthesis in the course of the planet’s history. Global warming is worrying only from a completely self-centered perspective. Species have come and gone before, and the mass-extinction we are currently causing is nothing compared to what some of the extraterrestrial impacts with our planet have caused in the past.

2. The five stages of the Kübler-Ross model are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

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