Happy Midsummer!

Midsummer pole. Some say it's a fertility symbol. Go figure.

Midsummer pole. Some say it’s a fertility symbol. Go figure.

Today is the one day of the year I wish I was in Sweden, because on the second to last Friday of June Sweden celebrates Midsummer’s Eve — one of the most important celebrations for us Swedes. What we are actually celebrating is rather unclear, but (as explained here) the why is usually less important than the how.

Ironically, this is the fourth Midsummer in a row I spend abroad, and this time the distance from a Swedish midsummer is further than ever. Not only am I not going to organize any sort of Midsummer celebration this year — something I’ve done the past two years in Switzerland with my friend Kristina — but I am also spending this Midsummer in the southern hemisphere1, so if anything I should be celebrating midwinter.

Anyway, Happy Midsummer to all my friends and family! And remember: a midsummer is not complete without a horrible hangover the following day.

1. I have actually spent one more Midsummer in the southern hemisphere, further away from Sweden than Buenos Aires, namely in New Zealand in 2006. However, that time me and four other Swedes organized a Midsummer party for everyone, so I still reckon this year further away from a Swedish midsummer.

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