To make a mountain out of a molehill

Att göra en höna av en fjäder

How many hours of prime time public radio broadcasting can be dedicated to discussing a football game? If you are in Argentina — countless hours it seems.

Living in Argentina, it is close to impossible to not notice when their national football team is playing. If nothing else, you will notice it by the dead empty streets, temporarily closed stores, and occasional screams, curses and yells from balconies.

But although I am myself very interested in the World Cup, I sometimes think that the football interest goes to the absurd. Today we have been listening to public Argentinian radio for over five (5!) hours, and during this time the moderators have constantly been talking about Argentina’s game against Switzerland — which happened yesterday! A game which has already finished; a game which by now should have been analyzed with minute precision down to every molecule of Messi’s right foot; and a game which was anything but impressive from Argentina’s point of view.

I am honestly not sure whether I wish I understood more of what they are saying, or if I’m better off not knowing.

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