Follow my thesis writing on board

Whereas my thesis submission deadline is slowly but steadily approaching, my writing progression has so far been stably and surely stagnant. But this has to change pronto, or else I can say “bye, bye” to my plans of traveling around Argentina in September.

The most difficult part is to get started. Another struggle is to already early in the writing process get a good overview of exactly what it actually is I want to write. If not, chances are that I will spend a lot of time writing some sections, only to realize later that I will have to rewrite (or even delete) them, since they won’t fit with the “final product”.

To avoid this from happening, I’m going to try using an online whiteboard to create a mind map over my project, to which I can pin both text, comments, and images. However, instead of a classical mind map with a fixed center, I’ve decided for a slightly different structure, where I’m branching ideas and text from a content timeline.

I’m not sure that this approach will be successful, but nevertheless my progress can be following on my whiteboard by clicking here.

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