“La semana más fria del año”

It is cold here in Buenos Aires for the moment. So cold that the news are headlined with titles like “The coldest week of the year”.

Winter cold

And yes, those temperatures are in degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit.

I know everyone is now expecting me to compare with the winters in Sweden. But since I already did that when I spent the winter in Portugal, I’ll make the comparison to Lisbon instead.

The weather is actually very similar to that of Lisbon, with the difference that summer temperatures can sometimes reach up to 50°C1, which I don’t think happens in Lx (correct me if I’m wrong). But one thing that I have here which I definitely can’t say about Lisbon, is a heated apartment. While my room in Lisbon was often colder than outdoors, and at times made studying at home impossible, the situation here is much better… at least as long as my flatmates don’t leave the balcony door and kitchen windows wide open.

My main problem here is instead that my current room doesn’t have any windows. Studying in my room therefore means entire days without any daylight. On sunny days (which are still in majority here) this can be almost as discouraging as an ice-cold room. At least, the final result is the same: me ending up at some sunlit café nearby:

Café photo

1. After having looked this up in Wikipedia, I realize that this is not exactly true. The highest temperature ever recorded in Buenos Aires is 43.3°C, in 1957. Instead, the rumors of temperatures up to 50°C are probably relating to the apparent temperature, or heat index. Due to the high humidity, temperatures around 30-35°C can feel like 45-50°C. However, this should be the case in Lisbon as well, since its location near the Atlantic ocean makes it a very humid city. But then again — in Lisbon one can at least cool down at the beach from time to time. Here in Buenos Aires one can only dream of swimming in the river…

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