Time is relative

The title of this blog post is specifically dedicated to an Animal, whom I know hates the misuse of the relativity theory

It’s funny how a little bit of planning and prioritization can create more time out of nothing. There always seems to be time for a little bit more, as long as you consider it important enough. This is something I’ve discussed with a good friend of mine, and something I’ve often noticed myself in times of stress.

Although I’m right in the process of finishing up my thesis, last Monday (and parts of Tuesday) was one of those days that demanded a rescheduling of my time, since I didn’t have the heart to let a person very close to me spend her entire birthday alone. So to make a long story short, we went on a two-day trip to La Plata, a city one hour from BsAs.

Considering the amazing weather (25°C and perfect sunshine), it actually felt like a good investment of my time, despite being stressed about my thesis writing. In fact, Tuesday I spent most of the day studying, but since it was at a new university in a new city, it felt like a good change of environment.

Anyway, a couple of photos from La Plata — one of few cities in the world built according to a precise, pre-designed plan. It gives the city a very odd symmetry (at least to a European), but also makes it incredibly easy to navigate.

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