Iguazú—Vale la pena?

Arrival 10:30 in Iguazú, and 15 minutes was enough to make me feel like in a tourist mecca. Not very surprising since the waterfalls are a UNESCO world heritage site, and the location is far too remote to attract anything but tourists.

I’m not sure why I have such a phobia against feeling like a tourist anyway, since that’s exactly what I am myself. But there is something about it that makes me feel nervous, and want to avoid it. But it’s clear that the high prices and the feeling of nature being exploited don’t help.

Anyway, an $80 bus ride and $215 entrance ticket later, I was finally inside. And I will let a photo speak for itself, but the waterfalls are indeed incredible:


Unfortunately the path leading to the supposedly most impressive view was closed due to the high water levels. But after five hours of walking with my 15 kg backpack in 25–30°C, and with only two bananas to eat, I was pretty much done for the day.

Since Iguazú is so expensive, I’m thinking of skipping spending the night here and heading straight to Salta. That means another 20 h bus trip. But it will also give me more time for Salta, Jujuy, and eventually Córdoba, before I head back to BsAs.

All in all, Iguazú gets four crocodiles out of six possible. The waterfalls are stunningly beautiful, but considering the prices, how remote the place is, and the typical tourist feeling, the total rating will have to suffer a bit.

Edit: After all, my next stop will be Corrientes instead of Salta. Didn’t feel like spending 26 h on the bus and arrive at 2:30. Damn this country is big…

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