Currently in Corrientes

Although originally only though as a stopover to avoid arriving ridiculously late in Salta, my day in Corrientes turned out much better than expected! It might not have any impressive architecture, nor any natural wonders, but this relatively small town has a very nice riverside, with beaches, bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Since it’s still late winter, or very early spring, these places were all pretty empty, but as a summer destination I can imagine Corrientes being a pretty nice weekend destination.


The city also had some really nice street art, that beats graffiti any day of the week… Although it’s not a very fair comparison, since this type of art is all but temporary.


For a while I was thinking of spending the night, to check out the nightlife which seems pretty vibrant—after all its Friday. But I finally decided that I had of tonight instead. This will be my third night spent on a bus. But what is worse, third day without a shower.

All in all, Corrientes gets three crocodiles out of six. Not a fabulous destination, but much better than expected.

Next stop Córdoba; I decided to skip Salta. It’s too far away… and I left my heart in BsAs.

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