Home is where the mountains are

Home is said to be where the heart is. At least that’s what An Animal says. I agree with that, but it doesn’t really tell where the heart is.

My heart may be a bit scattered for the moment, which complicates this question a bit. But one thing that always seems to capture my heart is mountains.

As a last stop for my much shortened trip, I went to Córdoba, which is a region in central Argentina, but also the name of the capital city of the same region. And after spending the first day exploring the city, I devoted the entire second day to hiking in the mountains near Córdoba. And oh my have I missed the mountains!?

Starting out as a group of six, with the others being people from the same hostel as mine, we went to a national park called Condorito. While four people in the group could only do part of the hike, me and a Brazilian guy did a six-hour hike that covered some very nice views. Not amazing like some of the places I’ve seen in Switzerland, but considering my mountain depravation in the past year, it was definitely worth every minute.


On the way back we then stumbled upon a big group of CouchSurfers, with whom we were able trip hitch a ride back to the city.

Now I’m on the bus which will take me back to BsAs. Overnight of course.

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