The only thing that is clear is that the future is unclear

Another week has gone by here in Buenos Aires, and I now only have five days left here. Sentimental for many reasons, but since I have not been roaming around Argentina this month as I originally planned, it has also been bit boring at times, sitting around with nothing to do—especially while Lorena is at work or in class. So in a sense it will be nice to finish this chapter and start getting at least my near future sorted out.

Exactly what happens during my next half year is still unclear—about as unclear as most of my past half years have been since 2004 or so. A small proof of this is my flight ticket folder where I have filed most of—but not all—my flight tickets since 2009:

I wonder with how many tons I have exceeded my CO2 quota over these years...

I wonder with how many tons I have exceeded my CO2 quota over these years…

At least half of these are connected to work and studies rather than leisure, indicating how much I have been moving around in the past. I have to admit that this has started to get a bit tiresome, as I do not really know what is home anymore. Also, although moving around allows me to get to know people from all over the world, it also inevitably always leads to goodbyes—sometimes for good. This is the main negative part of solo-nomadic living.

Nevertheless, for the moment I have no reason to believe that this temporary living is coming to an end, at least not during the next 1–2 years. But exactly how temporary and where this temporariness will take place, is still shrouded in mystery…

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