The Stockholm ego

Now and then I get reminded of why I do not want to live in Stockholm. I often mention the weather and distance to the rest of Europe as arguments, but the main reason is actually a different one. I cannot stand the arrogance and self centeredness of many people from Stockholm.

However, I haven’t spent much time in Stockholm in the past few years. And when I do, I mostly meet my friends and family, whom I naturally don’t think qualify into this category; if they did I wouldn’t waste my time calling then friends.

So I tend to get reminded during my travels instead. And one place you can be sure to meet them is on direct flights to popular tourist destinations in Europe.

This time, the arrogance was represented by some guys in (I guess) their mid-to-late twenties, singing, beat-boxing, and table drumming their way down to Lisbon. They cannot have missed the fact that they annoyed the people around them; especially since even I got disturbed, despite sitting 6–7 rows away.

I haven’t done enough charter flights originating from other cities than Stockholm to say whether this is unique for people from my home town. I also by no means claim that this behavior is common. But I can’t recall experiencing such self-centeredness on any other flights, so it serves as a good reminder (albeit metaphoric evidence based) of why I don’t like Stockholm.

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