There and gone again. A thesis’s tale


Ready for recycling

Two days ago saw the arrival of these insignificant pieces of work to the world. For a moment I was the owner of two hardcopy prints of my own master’s thesis. 20 minutes later these were passed on to the university, most probably to never again be opened, until they sooner or later find themselves destroyed; either in a deliberate recycling effort (most probably), or in an unfortunate library fire (not so probable). Nevertheless, with these masterpieces of design and research excellence, the first part of two for closing my euSYSBIO chapter is completed.

Five days in Helsinki are now immediately followed by nine days in Lisbon. A not insignificant change for the better:



Other factors are: better prices; better food and drinks; better-sounding and more understandable language (and people applying it to communicating), a more humane drinking culture, and closer to BsAs (yeah right…).

My experience also tells me that Portugal has more psychologically and socially retarded biology professors per capita. However, this fact is filed under somewhat less positive features.

Nevertheless, it was great to meet some of my old mates in Finland. It was especially revitilazing to meet and discuss with good ol’ Gonçalo. A great mind, always sparking with ideas. I’m also super grateful to both him and Maiia for accommodating me during these days.

Anyway, next stop Lisbon!

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