… and a small note

Since I’m not using my Facebook wall to show the whole world (interested or not) my achievements and failures, I will continue using my blog for this.

Just got the final evaluation statement from Aalto University:

Aalto University
School of Science

Degree Programme Committee
in Computer Science and Engineering
School of Science

Evaluation of Master s Thesis

Thesis Title: Helping cells jump to conclusions. Design and implementation of a biological circuit capable of responding to pre-equilibrium information.
Programme: Master’s Degree Programme in Computational and Systems Biology
Author: Andreas Constantinou

Definition of research scope and goals. The problem domain of the thesis as well as the goals are presented in an excellent manner. The topic has a high degree of difficulty but not overly so.

Command of the topic. The text reflects an excellent command of the topic. The cited literature is relevant and of good quality. The literature has been woven into the thesis in a smooth manner, indicating thorough understanding.

Methods and conclusions. The thesis contains a significant component of both wet-lab and computational work, both of which have been executed in a professional manner. The description of the methods, experiments are deep and comprehensive. The conclusions made are credible.

Contribution to knowledge and thesis structure. The standard of the work and its presentation is of publication level. The particular imprint of the author is evident in the thesis. According to the thesis instructor, the work opens up a new research avenue for porting the findings regarding ligand-receptor interactions to genetic networks.

Presentation and language. The thesis is written in fluent, clear English void of errors. The figures and equations are used to support the text in a very good manner. The presentation thesis has been finalized well.

Recommended grade: 5/5

Although I think both the wording and the grade is strongly exaggerated, I can’t help but being at least a tad bit proud.

19/20 from Lisbon, and 5/5 from Helsinki.
I guess my academic CV just got itself a little brush-up.


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