From highland to lowland

This weekend saw the making of a relatively spontaneous trip to the ski resort town Davos in the canton Graub√ľnden in the east of Switzerland. Apart from snow sports, this town is also known for hosting the World Economic Forum annual meeting, attracting influential and/or corrupt people from around the world for a few days each January.

Naturally, our trip was accompanied by slightly less media coverage—hence the lack of photos in this post. But we managed to fit two days of pretty nice snowboarding/skiing, and I also got to try out cross-country skiing for the first time. Big thanks to my fellow colleague and namesake for hosting us these two nights!

Now back in Basel (or rather Friedlingen, just across the border in Germany) where I’m about to fit in a few hours of sleep before getting up again at 2:30 AM, in order to make it to the town center in time for Morgestraich—the start of the three-day Carnival of Basel.


Not quite as quiet as it looks.

Since arriving in Basel my blogging activity has been close to none, giving the impression that nothing of interest is happening here. And indeed, winter might not be the most eventful time of the year in Basel. But nevertheless, I have been keeping myself rather busy — just not been writing much about it. Lots of science, quite some beer, a littlebit of opera — and a concert with Ennio Morricone!But instead of writing about things in retrospect, I will try to shape up my future blogging. Stay tuned!