Hip science

I have less than three weeks remaining here in Basel before I return back home to Sweden—an adventure in itself, since I have decided to go home by train. More about that to come.

In contrast to my last two stays here in Basel, this time I have been given a pretty fun project to lead and work on in the lab. It also makes me feel very hip and cool, since it is one of the hottest topics in biology right now—namely CRISPR/Cas.

Without getting too deep into details, CRISPR/Cas is a DNA editing system that uses components of an immune system from bacteria to introduce specific modifications in the genome of other organisms. This has potential applications for everything from basic research (genetics, molecular biology) and biotechnology (genetic engineering) to clinical science (gene therapy).

My contribution will obviously be very modest, but what mostly makes me happy is to feel that I have reached a knowledge level where I can actually understand and start contributing to leading science.


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