Beautiful Baselbiet

One thing I will surely miss from Basel—especially if I end up in Buenos Aires—is the surrounding nature. Get on the bike in the city center, head for any direction, and you won’t have to ride longer than 15 minutes until you’ve reached the country side. Not that I’ve been making use of this fact on a very regular basis, but the times that I have I have highly appreciated it.

Yesterday was one of those days. With spring slowly but surely arriving I decided to make the most out of the beautiful Saturday weather with a long bicycle trip. I literally just picked a nearby village from the map (Reigoldwil) and set out. After 2h30min, 30 km, and quite a bit more climbing than expected I was awarded with this nice view, followed by a 5 min high-speed downhill ride taking me to my final destination:

Heading for Reigoldswil.

Heading for Reigoldswil.

All-in-all I ended up doing around 70 km, which is not much for a regular rider, but was quite an exercise for me—since I usually don’t bike more than the 15 plus 15 minutes it takes me to go to and from work every day.


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