Passionate thinking

I recently watched El secreto de sus ojos (The secret in their eyes), a great Argentinian movie with an 8.3 rating on IMDb.

Around halfway into the movie, the semi-alcoholic police investigator Sandoval proudly and convincing tells his colleague Benjamín how they will track down the suspect:

El tipo puede cambiar de todo: de cara, de casa, de famila, de novia, de religión, de Dios… pero hay una cosa que no puede cambiar, Benjamín… no puede cambiar… de pasión.

This line made a big impression on me, and for the second time in less than one week I was asking myself: what is my passion?

Most people I know have some sort of passion. Some people like cooking, others like photography. Someone is completely in love with dogs, another has his heart devoted to a football team, and another still lives for science. And people who don’t have a passion they are enthusiastic about are those I would generally consider boring.

But I’ve come to realize that I might have become that boring person myself.

My greatest passion used to be music… mainly playing it with friends. But since ten years or so, my guitar playing and music making has slowly been diminishing towards nearly never. Meanwhile I am now spending an immensely large part of my life studying and doing biology. And while I definitely have a great interest for science, I am not sure if I would take it so far as to call it a passion.

So what is my passion? What is it in life that inspires me and makes me enthusiastic? What is it that makes me long for the weekends and holidays? To be honest, I currently don’t know.

And why do I consider this important? Well, how can I set up goals and milestones for my life, if I don’t even know what I am pursuing?